You do not compromise on quality. Neither do we.

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Over the years , Summer Conf has accumulated a vast experience in various types of products, ranging from formal to casual for both man and woman garments.

Whether you need a product to be developed from scratch or recreate an existing style or fabric, you will find a partner with Summer Conf - to work with you and achieve premium quality product that is an exact fit to your specifications.

At Summer Conf we have written “flexibility” as a core value – but there is one thing we are not flexible about – and that is the quality of our products.

We simply do not compromise with quality at any cost.

From a formal shirt, to jeans pants to the most demanding design of woman´s shits – we have trained a specialized quality team specifically to monitor the process , ensure your requirement and to control the complete production process , achieving unmatched quality level .

Men Garments

Summer Conf - Men Garment production and manufacturing

Formal Shirts
Casual Shirts
Formal Pants

Women Garments

Summer Conf - Woman Garment production and manufacturing

Formal blouse
Semi-formal blouses
Casual Blouses

Custom on request

Summer Conf - On demand Garment production and manufacturing

Overdyed & Stone wash