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The factory is located in Botosani, 420 kms North of Romanian Capital City Bucharest, in a strategic location that due to it´s strong tradition in the garment industry, offers a comprehensive supply chain of secondary sourcing that help to achieve complete solution even for the most demanding request.

The 4300sqm factory floor is equipped with all branded machinery in order to ensure the quality of the garments and offers a full production chain for the garments along with fast and high quality integrated product developments and sampling to international market leaders.

Highly trained work force and sophisticated state of the art automation and information systems were integrated to ensures the capability for meeting your bulk orders within stipulated time, and achieving flexibility and versatility while delivering consistent quality


Summer conf - Specialized Professional Departments for every step

Design and sample laboratory.

Pattern development Grading & Sizing

Material Sourcing

Quality control department

Packaging and Shipping


Summer Conf - Automated Cutting Machine

SummerConf - Automation and branded machines

Automated Cutting machines

Computer aided material optimization

Laser alignments

Computerized Embroidery

Semi-automated work stations


SummerConf - Highly skilled staff to answer all your needs

Cir. 280 employees

600.000 Shirts/years

60.000 Trousers/years

ISO 9001 Certification